WORDZ-N-SOUNDZ 1.31.2015 Featuring Christen B

While working with artists from around the city, the show will be focused on fundraising monthly to contribute to a different community based Non-Profit each month. We chose Fighting Cancer with Poetry because Christoph Jenkins, the founder, and his network of Poets/Spoken Word Artists have been tirelessly traveling around the DMV and beyond spreading awareness as well as their own personal testimony. January 31st was the beginning of the 2015 WORDZ-N-SOUNDZ series! Performing was FCWP poet Nathan Hodge, Spoken Word Artist Quentin “Breezy Brisk” Briscoe, Emmanuel “Capo” Smith, Coon the Poet, and a special performance from Christen B. as the feature performer. Check out Part II after the break!


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AEIOU – Wordz-N-Soundz 02.28.2015


AEIOU aka Elisha Brown has become one of those undeniable forces on the DMV Spoken Word Scene. Her evolution is continuous by the day and her performance/writing style sharpens every time she graces the mic. Humbled to call this beautiful creature a friend. Can’t wait for the next road trip! (inside joke) May butterflies continue to land on your skin.




@EpiphanysWords – Wordz-N-Soundz 2.28.2015

Epiphany blessed us as a Spotlight at the February 28 Wordz-N-Soundz. Its crazy how quickly friendships and bonds happen when you come across some spirits. I remember first meeting her, she was sitting front row at Open Mic Check Monday’s (Culture Coffee) and she was being a true audience member. She was reacting to every artists words, giving snaps and “…HMPHS…” throughout each presentation. At the end of the night its always warm in that little coffee shop. Almost like the end of a Family Reunion that was just too short. We come together in places like this, share the stories of the week…sometimes our lifetimes, with strangers that become more than “friends”. People that now hold a piece of our Hearts and Minds. I can’t express how amazing it truly is to have artists like Epiphany in the Wordz-N-Soundz Family!

Poet In the City Presents: Orville the Poet Rocks Pure Poetry

DSC_3423 DSC_3409 DSC_3382






“…some people say I’m conceded, naw, I’ve got purpose and I’ve got a reason…”

There are a few spots in the DMV Area that have a special energy that exudes every time an artist approaches the microphone. Pure Poetry, which has grown to be one of the more popular venues and Open Mics in the city, has become just that. I try my best to make it every month if not for the amazing drink specials but also because of moments like this one I was able to capture 08/06/2014. Towards the end of the show Orville grabbed the microphone and started telling us this story about him and some other poets hanging out in a parking lot, exchanging stanza’s and bars when a girl drove past screaming “…yall better spit…” out of the window as she drove by.

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