@EpiphanysWords – Wordz-N-Soundz 2.28.2015

Epiphany blessed us as a Spotlight at the February 28 Wordz-N-Soundz. Its crazy how quickly friendships and bonds happen when you come across some spirits. I remember first meeting her, she was sitting front row at Open Mic Check Monday’s (Culture Coffee) and she was being a true audience member. She was reacting to every artists words, giving snaps and “…HMPHS…” throughout each presentation. At the end of the night its always warm in that little coffee shop. Almost like the end of a Family Reunion that was just too short. We come together in places like this, share the stories of the week…sometimes our lifetimes, with strangers that become more than “friends”. People that now hold a piece of our Hearts and Minds. I can’t express how amazing it truly is to have artists like Epiphany in the Wordz-N-Soundz Family!

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