Poet In the City Presents: Orville the Poet Rocks Pure Poetry

DSC_3423 DSC_3409 DSC_3382






“…some people say I’m conceded, naw, I’ve got purpose and I’ve got a reason…”

There are a few spots in the DMV Area that have a special energy that exudes every time an artist approaches the microphone. Pure Poetry, which has grown to be one of the more popular venues and Open Mics in the city, has become just that. I try my best to make it every month if not for the amazing drink specials but also because of moments like this one I was able to capture 08/06/2014. Towards the end of the show Orville grabbed the microphone and started telling us this story about him and some other poets hanging out in a parking lot, exchanging stanza’s and bars when a girl drove past screaming “…yall better spit…” out of the window as she drove by.

DSC_3455 DSC_2901 DSC_3407

“…I was on the bottom of the Totem Pole…yea, last…”

Apparently, they flagged her down and she met up with them…with her guitar. As Ashley walked on stage with her electric guitar in hand and there performance began with her strumming a simple chord, Orville picked up free styling a very consistent dialogue about love, life, and his own Caribbean heritage. The energy was infectious. As it wrapped up it seemed he was done, but it turns out he had an actual rehearsed piece he was gonna share with the packed house. I think I was impressed only because I’ve always known him as a passionate Poet and this performance presented a more laid back-side to this audacious wordsmith. The music tapered off a bit as Orville and Ashley deliberated on whether they were going to perform another rehearsed piece to complete their impromptu set or leave the audience in awe with what they just accomplished. They decided they weren’t finished and eased into an arrangement that was a little more upbeat. Orville began delivering what turned out to be a more Spoken Word inspired piece over the jazzy instrumentation Ashley was rocking out too. Orville tends to speak for those who don’t know they have the power to and its awesome to witness it every time. Check out the debut of Orville the Poet and Ashley Guilot rocking out for Pure Poetry!


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