Month: June 2014

Poet In the City Presents: Say Word Saturday’s w/ Love The Poet




Picture it, Anne Arundel Community College…BSU sponsored show featuring Love the Poet. Me and Ana “Temple” running around campus making sure all is going as planned. Massive backstage area with beautiful young poets fixing make-up, hair, and clothes. Love arrives with long thick dreads, petite frame, and infectious smile. She wandered around backstage observing, and as she came across the young performers practicing I found her mentoring them as she saw noticed frustration or nervousness. I was one of those artists, stressing over memorized lines, which to do first and was I even good enough to perform. Her warm words have stayed with over the course of 10 years. It is my pleasure to bring a short clip of the energy and passion she brings to Say Word Saturdays every month, and the world everyday.



Poet In the City Presents: Say Word Saturday’s w/ Rebecca Dupas Pt II

Another performance from the amazing Rebecca Dupas. The more I talk to her the more I experience her warm spirit and intelligent disposition. She’s a strong woman, says what she thinks and definitely gets her point across. I always enjoy our interactions and although its been via Social Media she always makes me smile. I’m excited to see more of her and watching what the future will hold. Get into this exclusive footage from Say Word Saturday’s at Culture Coffee in NW, DC. Share, comment, enjoy!

Poet In the City Presents: Say Word Saturdays w/ Bria McCormick

Another performance from one of my visits to Culture Coffee for the monthly Say Word Saturday’s. I have a special connection with Love the Poet, host of this comfortable, quaint, family like Open Mic located in NW, DC. Bria, 1/4 of the “Come On Son” all lady ensemble approached the stage with a petite frame and infectious smile. As she went into her piece she demonstrated a vulnerability that when presented in this environment is so moving you rarely forget it. It was a pleasure capturing this moment that Bria graciously shared with the Say Word audience and I hope I captured at least a decimal of its beauty.