3311 Rhode Island Avenue Suite C Mt. Rainier, MD 20712

Poet In the City Presents: Mt. Rainier Day w/ a Tour of ArtIz

On May 17 I was invited by Yvette Thompkins to hang out with her and her crew for Mt Rainier Day. Mt Rainier is a quaint comfortable city positioned right outside of Washington DC. Its a historic sign with Vintage style buildings and houses lining the streets. There is an air floating through the streets on Mt Rainier MD that screams history. If These Walls Could Talk III : The Story of Mt Rainier comes to mind as I strollthrough the neighborhood after a chilled glass of wine at Yvette’s Gallery. The sky opened up with pure white at times and clouds with these deep grey undertones that suggested a shower was coming. Mt Rainier Day consisted of vendors including both Food, Hand Crafted items, and vintage collectibles all contributed by Community Business Owners. I enjoyed Festival Bread and Curried Chicken as the live band performed Pharrell’s Happy. A warm day with a cool breeze makes an awesome backdrop for the amazing people I was able to interact with in the community. If you know DMVPOET, you know I had my handy Nikon and I snapped some shots. Yvette’s Gallery is simply breathtaking. The Art on the wall, the vintage clothing on display, the furniture that seems to always guides you to the single piece you must have for your home. Mt Rainier has definitely become a second home to me…in more ways than one.

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