Poet In the City Presents: 6 X 6 w/ @BreezyBrisk

So, I think most people that know me are aware I’m pretty much at two Open Mic’s in DC faithfully…Say Word Saturdays in NW and Spoken World Tuesdays on H St in NE. Now to be clear, it has more to do with the fact that I work 7 days a week and scheduling can be extremely tight especially tacking on being an Independent Artist without any real representation. I say all that to say that this is going to be a story of serendipity, six degrees of separation, and irony that in my opinion…only fate can set into play. So, to start it off about five years ago I had this amazing idea to connect with a Live Band and perform my studio tracks at a birthday party. I stumble across this group called A Cool Stick out of Baltimore so I reached out to their manager and he said the date didn’t work. About a week later he e-mails me and says “…I have a friend named Dan, I think he might be able to help you out. Reach out to him…” So I shoot Dan Samuels an e-mail and he hits me back asking to hear the demo’s and actually expressing interest. His band Funk Friday ended up backing me at my birthday party giving me my first opportunity to perform with a Live Band. The front “man” for the band was a young lady named Jasmine aka J. Pope. She is an amazing lyricist and could go from rapping to Spoken Word to melodic singing in one song. It was an amazing experience and I can honestly say that set the foundation for a lot of the things that I’m doing now.


That leads me to the main topic, a few weeks ago I walk into my second home, my weekly Open Mic that when I miss a day I feel like its been a month. Its the spot I go to perform new pieces, enjoy eating and drinking with my friends, and meeting amazing artists from beginners to local icons that do what they do best…represent themselves. So I see MJG Speaks, I give her a hug we exchange our “…I love you’s…” cause that’s what we do, and I put my bag down and order my wings and Corona. I look up and I see a brown skinned guy with a hat sitting across from me. He looks familiar but I’m not exactly sure, and being the introvert that I am I just brushed it off and continued on with the night. As rude as that probably was of me about 15 minutes later the guy reaches across the table and says “…hi, my name is Breezy, I don’t think we’ve met before…” so, pleasantly surprised I smile, reach out and shake his hand and say “…I don’t think so, my name is Xander, or DMVPoet…” and then it all floods in. Breezy…as in @BreezyBrisk on Instagram. We follow each other and we both carry our Nikon’s everywhere we go. So I’m like “…I follow you on Instagram…” and he goes “…OHHH! I do follow you! Your dope…” and leans in for a hug. Instantly, this was my new homey, my Spoken Word ace. In that 20 minutes after I arrived to the spot I call my home I felt embraced by an artist that I already admired the first time I met him.


Then his performance! The energy and passion that exudes is pretty much unmatched in my opinion. Not to mention his humble demeanor off stage. I guess now it would be yesterday, May 6 when Breezy Brisk King of the Six by Six graced the stage as the Spoken World Tuesday Feature. As a fan, I got everything I expected and a bit more. He posted a poem on Facebook during the April 30/30 challenge and it had a line that went “…Poetry, you remind me just how broken I really am…” and that shook me. All I could think is get outta my head, and he performed it, memorized during his feature. Luckily I had the pleasure of shooting it at a pretty awesome angle as well as a few others. I always say I can’t say enough about the Spoken World Community in the DMV and how much it means to me. And the connection to it all, is Breezy Brisk is Jasmine aka J. Pope’s cousin. And I learned that from one of my favorite poets from area who happens to be close friends with both and I’ve known her almost 10 years. Although I don’t make it to all the Open Mic’s in the area all the time…I feel I’m always exactly where I need to be. Hit play and enjoy “Burning Poetry” by Quentin “Breezy Brisk” Briscoe and keep checking www.DMVPOET.com for more footage.

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