Month: May 2014

Poet In the City Presents: Rebecca Dupas Blesses Say Word Saturday’s


It is my pleasure to present the beautiful, the amazing Rebecca Dupas. There is something about culture and history shining through works of Poetry that always move my spirit. This particular piece references the connection between generations of Families all conncted by a Cast Iron skillet. My mom has Cast Iron Skillets that I can only hope to inherit one day. As Rebecca says, “…the pancakes don’t stick…” even after years of use in the kitchen. Enjoy this special look into Rebecca Dupas…

Twitter – @RebeccaDupas

Instagram – @RebeccaDupas


3311 Rhode Island Avenue Suite C Mt. Rainier, MD 20712

Poet In the City Presents: Mt. Rainier Day w/ a Tour of ArtIz

On May 17 I was invited by Yvette Thompkins to hang out with her and her crew for Mt Rainier Day. Mt Rainier is a quaint comfortable city positioned right outside of Washington DC. Its a historic sign with Vintage style buildings and houses lining the streets. There is an air floating through the streets on Mt Rainier MD that screams history. If These Walls Could Talk III : The Story of Mt Rainier comes to mind as I strollthrough the neighborhood after a chilled glass of wine at Yvette’s Gallery. The sky opened up with pure white at times and clouds with these deep grey undertones that suggested a shower was coming. Mt Rainier Day consisted of vendors including both Food, Hand Crafted items, and vintage collectibles all contributed by Community Business Owners. I enjoyed Festival Bread and Curried Chicken as the live band performed Pharrell’s Happy. A warm day with a cool breeze makes an awesome backdrop for the amazing people I was able to interact with in the community. If you know DMVPOET, you know I had my handy Nikon and I snapped some shots. Yvette’s Gallery is simply breathtaking. The Art on the wall, the vintage clothing on display, the furniture that seems to always guides you to the single piece you must have for your home. Mt Rainier has definitely become a second home to me…in more ways than one.

Poet In the City Presents: Spoken World Tuesdays 5/20 Kee Majors

Introducing Kee Majors aka Keona Alford with her first Feature gracing the Spoken World Poetry Tuesdays stage! She was one of the first people I met when I began hitting Da Luft on Tuesdays and every time she performs she impresses me to a new level. I can think back to walking in the front door being greeted by Twist-N-Wordz and him telling me I take  seat “over here”, which was at a table with Kee Majors. We started discussing music, poetry, and overall creativity and began to connect on a completely different level. Being that this is her first Feature I had to shoot it, so video coming soon!

Poet In the City Presents: SheaButterFlyyy Jamison



It was April 1, my second or third time attending Spoken World Tuesday’s and I had a pretty good time the prior week so I had high expectations. I was slightly familiar with SheaButterflyyy from seeing her performing at The Legendary Spit Dat hosted by Droopy the Broke Baller back in February. She sings original songs a capella and has this riveting vocal style that makes the listener take notice to the motion exuding from her small frame. She sang Still Breathing to a pretty much full house which hang from every word that left her lips. I stood to the side in corner, camera in hand doing my best to capture not only her performance, but the emotion transferring from the stage to the audience. Without further ado…I bring to you SheaButterflyyy!


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Poet In the City Presents: MJG SPEAKS Features at the Legendary Spit Dat

The DMV has many well known Open Mic’s but few has had the longevity and impact as the Legendary Spit Dat. Hosted by Droopy the Broke Baller and Mister Mysterious Dwayne B, every time I’ve had the pleasure to attend the atmosphere was wide open and accepting. There has always been a deep-rooted sense of community surrounding the event. Droopy (Drew Anderson) a teacher in DC Public Schools normally has stories and anecdotes of things he experiences with our youth on a daily basis…which normally inspires him in more ways than one. A rawness, with a lot of authenticity, mixed with an insane amount of creativity is thick in the Legendary Spit Dat…and this was the perfect atmosphere for me to experience my first MJG Speaks Feature!


Poet In the City Presents: 6 X 6 w/ @BreezyBrisk

So, I think most people that know me are aware I’m pretty much at two Open Mic’s in DC faithfully…Say Word Saturdays in NW and Spoken World Tuesdays on H St in NE. Now to be clear, it has more to do with the fact that I work 7 days a week and scheduling can be extremely tight especially tacking on being an Independent Artist without any real representation. I say all that to say that this is going to be a story of serendipity, six degrees of separation, and irony that in my opinion…only fate can set into play. So, to start it off about five years ago I had this amazing idea to connect with a Live Band and perform my studio tracks at a birthday party. I stumble across this group called A Cool Stick out of Baltimore so I reached out to their manager and he said the date didn’t work. About a week later he e-mails me and says “…I have a friend named Dan, I think he might be able to help you out. Reach out to him…” So I shoot Dan Samuels an e-mail and he hits me back asking to hear the demo’s and actually expressing interest. His band Funk Friday ended up backing me at my birthday party giving me my first opportunity to perform with a Live Band. The front “man” for the band was a young lady named Jasmine aka J. Pope. She is an amazing lyricist and could go from rapping to Spoken Word to melodic singing in one song. It was an amazing experience and I can honestly say that set the foundation for a lot of the things that I’m doing now.


That leads me to the main topic, a few weeks ago I walk into my second home, my weekly Open Mic that when I miss a day I feel like its been a month. Its the spot I go to perform new pieces, enjoy eating and drinking with my friends, and meeting amazing artists from beginners to local icons that do what they do best…represent themselves. So I see MJG Speaks, I give her a hug we exchange our “…I love you’s…” cause that’s what we do, and I put my bag down and order my wings and Corona. I look up and I see a brown skinned guy with a hat sitting across from me. He looks familiar but I’m not exactly sure, and being the introvert that I am I just brushed it off and continued on with the night. As rude as that probably was of me about 15 minutes later the guy reaches across the table and says “…hi, my name is Breezy, I don’t think we’ve met before…” so, pleasantly surprised I smile, reach out and shake his hand and say “…I don’t think so, my name is Xander, or DMVPoet…” and then it all floods in. Breezy…as in @BreezyBrisk on Instagram. We follow each other and we both carry our Nikon’s everywhere we go. So I’m like “…I follow you on Instagram…” and he goes “…OHHH! I do follow you! Your dope…” and leans in for a hug. Instantly, this was my new homey, my Spoken Word ace. In that 20 minutes after I arrived to the spot I call my home I felt embraced by an artist that I already admired the first time I met him.

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