Poet In the City Presents: Admiring The DMV’s Own @DemontPinder

Being from DC, there are a few Icons that emerged I could watch reach success on a National Level, and Demont “Peekaso” Pinder is definitely one that has remained a relevant source of art for the last 10-15 years. I recall being introduced to him surfing the internet in the early days, clicking on a random blog link and discovering re-creations of Hip Hop artists through the lens of a painter. I later recognized him on stage alongside Raheem Devaughn creating live Paintings as Raheem and his band serenaded the world with their melodic storytelling that synced with the artistic expression coming to life in the background.

I can’t describe my reaction the first time I walked into Studio202/Blis.FM‘s facility to find his art spread across the walls of the Lobby. That represented a few different things, one being that Studio202/Blis.FM is deep rooted in art of this city. To have the art of Demont Pinder showcased across the building said to me they take artistic expression seriously, and meeting Carolyn Malachi that same night, I was pretty sure this was the team I wanted walk my journey with. A few months into the pre-production and rehearsing Heart&Mind of A Gemini: The Live LP, I went to Cat Walk Studios to rehearse for the Poetry In Motion Fashion Show, only to find MORE  art work by Demont Pinder! I couldn’t help but pull out my camera and get as many shots as possible and I have taken some of the pictures and videos and created a few projects to highlight the “Peekaso” of our great city. Hopefully it can be as aspiring to some of you as he has been for me. Enjoy!


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