Poet In the City Presents: It Takes Two, LLC Poetry In Motion Featuring Twist-N-Words


On April 1 I made a post to tell the people about an incredible organization called It Takes Two, LLC and I promised video from the evening. Well, it is my pleasure to debut this content this afternoon! There were so many amazing things going on that night. From the vendors providing prom dresses/accessories, baked goods that were mind blowing (ie. ask @SongDreamer about those Sweet Potato CupCakes), the fashion walking down the runway on flawless models, and of course…the immensely talented Spoken Word Artists that performed throughout the event. The serendipitous moment of participating in an event like this was that I came across an artist that, since then, has introduced me to a phenomenal network of writers, Poets, Spoken Word Artists (“…there is a difference…” as he would say), and overall lovers of art. I had seen him perform at a few different venues like Say Word Saturdays and Spit Dat, but this was the first time I had an opportunity to interact with him on a personal level off stage. What I experienced was a humble, experienced, enduring man that also happens to be a long time fixture on the DC Spoken Word scene. This artist I refer to now as a friend, Twist-N-Words! He is actually one of the incredibly talented hosts of Spoken World Tuesdays at DaLuft Restaurant every Tuesday Night with MJG Speaks. Amazing artists, singers, and overall performers come together to share love and creativity.

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