DMVPOET Presents Poet In the City: MJGSPEAKS – Bad B**CHES (Freestyle)

I normally don’t do to much on Saturday’s but I’ve been flaking on a TON of content! I have the pleasure of saying I’ve made a few friends over the last few weeks and I really don’t want to make them wait any longer. You know I had to clean it up a bit. Allow me to introduce you all to a major fixture on the Spoken Word scene in the Chocolate City. She goes by the name MJG Speaks and she is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Freestyle Spoken Word Artist. Her allure isn’t just that she prefers to spit off the dome, but mainly because she tells intricate stories that not only explains her perspective but forces you to possibly analyze yours. She co-hosts along with Twist-N-Words (video coming soon) an Open Mic called Spoken World Tuesday’s at DaLuft Restaurant and Lounge 1242 H Street NE Washington, DC

I’m very excited to present to you:

MJG Speaks – Bad B**CHES (Freestyle)




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