Poet in the City Presents: DMVPOET – Patiently, Impatiently, Awaiting

On 09/08/2013 I had JUST embarked on this journey called Heart&Mind of a Gemini: The Live LP and I was meeting up with Marcus Marshall at Studio202. I knew one of the artists he works with would be rehearsing and I thought it would be a good opportunity to view the facility. As I walked up to the door (which had a secure entrance), this statuesque brown skinned beauty came and pushed the door open and said “…your here to meet Marcus right?” with a pleasant smile. Her Flat Top sort of gave her away so I asked “…aren’t you Carolyn Malachi…?” and she laughed a little and responded “…yea, I am…” and extended her hand to greet me.

As we walked in I took full advantage of this opportunity to talk (despite being nervous) because she represented artistry in the DMV being recognized (2013 Grammy Nomination) and appreciated internationally. She showed through her project “GOLD” that through hard work, dedication, and authenticity…success is possible. Being heard is possible. With all that said, I sat in on her rehearsal and felt inspired to write this piece entitled Patiently, Impatiently, Awaiting. Do me a favor, leave what you think in the comments section, re-share the link if you dig it, or shoot me a message on Twitter/Facebook @DMVPOET and let me know your thoughts.


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