Month: April 2014

Poet In the City Presents: Admiring The DMV’s Own @DemontPinder

Being from DC, there are a few Icons that emerged I could watch reach success on a National Level, and Demont “Peekaso” Pinder is definitely one that has remained a relevant source of art for the last 10-15 years. I recall being introduced to him surfing the internet in the early days, clicking on a random blog link and discovering re-creations of Hip Hop artists through the lens of a painter. I later recognized him on stage alongside Raheem Devaughn creating live Paintings as Raheem and his band serenaded the world with their melodic storytelling that synced with the artistic expression coming to life in the background.

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Poet In the City Presents: It Takes Two, LLC Poetry In Motion Featuring Twist-N-Words


On April 1 I made a post to tell the people about an incredible organization called It Takes Two, LLC and I promised video from the evening. Well, it is my pleasure to debut this content this afternoon! There were so many amazing things going on that night. From the vendors providing prom dresses/accessories, baked goods that were mind blowing (ie. ask @SongDreamer about those Sweet Potato CupCakes), the fashion walking down the runway on flawless models, and of course…the immensely talented Spoken Word Artists that performed throughout the event. The serendipitous moment of participating in an event like this was that I came across an artist that, since then, has introduced me to a phenomenal network of writers, Poets, Spoken Word Artists (“…there is a difference…” as he would say), and overall lovers of art. I had seen him perform at a few different venues like Say Word Saturdays and Spit Dat, but this was the first time I had an opportunity to interact with him on a personal level off stage. What I experienced was a humble, experienced, enduring man that also happens to be a long time fixture on the DC Spoken Word scene. This artist I refer to now as a friend, Twist-N-Words! He is actually one of the incredibly talented hosts of Spoken World Tuesdays at DaLuft Restaurant every Tuesday Night with MJG Speaks. Amazing artists, singers, and overall performers come together to share love and creativity. Continue reading


Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

                          Albert Camus

So many things can be said about a “Friendship”.  One of the most beautiful things about it is to truly understand another person and have them truly understand you. My brother is a HUGE support system in my life and he always has an artist or singer that he wants to get my perspective on or hear. One day about 6-7 months ago he called me and said “…you need to check out this girl on YouTube, look up SongDreamer and call me back…”, so I did. He’s a massive Nicole Wray fan and Nicole Wray – Eyes Better Not Wander Cover By SongDreamer. I was instantly intrigued, and with further investigation I was blown away.



I normally don’t do to much on Saturday’s but I’ve been flaking on a TON of content! I have the pleasure of saying I’ve made a few friends over the last few weeks and I really don’t want to make them wait any longer. You know I had to clean it up a bit. Allow me to introduce you all to a major fixture on the Spoken Word scene in the Chocolate City. She goes by the name MJG Speaks and she is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Freestyle Spoken Word Artist. Her allure isn’t just that she prefers to spit off the dome, but mainly because she tells intricate stories that not only explains her perspective but forces you to possibly analyze yours. She co-hosts along with Twist-N-Words (video coming soon) an Open Mic called Spoken World Tuesday’s at DaLuft Restaurant and Lounge 1242 H Street NE Washington, DC

I’m very excited to present to you:

MJG Speaks – Bad B**CHES (Freestyle)




Poet in the City Presents: DMVPOET – Patiently, Impatiently, Awaiting

On 09/08/2013 I had JUST embarked on this journey called Heart&Mind of a Gemini: The Live LP and I was meeting up with Marcus Marshall at Studio202. I knew one of the artists he works with would be rehearsing and I thought it would be a good opportunity to view the facility. As I walked up to the door (which had a secure entrance), this statuesque brown skinned beauty came and pushed the door open and said “…your here to meet Marcus right?” with a pleasant smile. Her Flat Top sort of gave her away so I asked “…aren’t you Carolyn Malachi…?” and she laughed a little and responded “…yea, I am…” and extended her hand to greet me.

As we walked in I took full advantage of this opportunity to talk (despite being nervous) because she represented artistry in the DMV being recognized (2013 Grammy Nomination) and appreciated internationally. She showed through her project “GOLD” that through hard work, dedication, and authenticity…success is possible. Being heard is possible. With all that said, I sat in on her rehearsal and felt inspired to write this piece entitled Patiently, Impatiently, Awaiting. Do me a favor, leave what you think in the comments section, re-share the link if you dig it, or shoot me a message on Twitter/Facebook @DMVPOET and let me know your thoughts.

DMVPOET Presents: Poet in the City Featuring Davonne D’Neil and In Da Cut Band – Royals (Cover)

We’ve been rehearsing the material for Heart&Mind of Gemini: The Live LP for about 6 months now and I can’t articulate the amount of respect I have for these musicians and for Davonne D’Neil’s creativity and vocal ability. This is an impromptu performance after a rehearsal. Enjoy the Neo-Soul Princess’s rendition of Lorde’s Royals!

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IT TAKES TWO Presents Poetry in Motion 2 Year Anniversary Fundraising Event: Where Poetry Meets Fashion

So, on a random day I was cruising through my Twitter Timeline and I saw this flyer advertising the Poetry in Motion Fashion Show. I thought this would be a PERFECT opportunity for me to get involved with next year…so…like the fearless Artist I am, I shot a message to the person posting the flyer inquiring about the audition process for the Spoken Word Artists. He immediately responded with the Contact Information for the Founder and CEO of It Takes After an AMAZING conversation with Jaemellah Kemp, I was invited to perform in the show as a last minute addition.

Peep the Behind the Scenes shots and Footage from the show featuring amazing Spoken Word and Fashion!

Flyer for the It Takes Two Poetry In Motion Show.

Flyer for the It Takes Two Poetry In Motion Show.

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Poet in the City Presents: Dinner w/ DMVPOET


Cooking has always been a major passion of mine, and as many of my friends/family know I just got a Nikon D5100 (super excited) to start shooting my life and my experiences as a Poet in the DMV. I’m taking this opportunity to shoot everything, from backstage moments at shows, to other AMAZING Spoken Word Artists, as well as interesting Art that I see around this amazing area. I decided to blend my new photography skills and my old love for cooking to shoot this healthy dish of Farm Raised Salmon. Click the link below for more pics and a brief “How To” for this quick and easy recipe!

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